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Deja Talamantes

600 Hours of Edward is about a man named Edward who has autism, he lives in Billings, MT. Edward lives by himself in a house his father pays for. His father and him are not very close. Even though Edward doesn't even mind it. His problem with his father is that he doesn't consider on putting heated floors in the house. Edward keeps track of everything he does, like to the time he wakes up every morning to the weather each day. He goes to a therapist that tells him options on expressing himself, because he is very opinionated. 600 Hours of Edward so far is amazing, especially the visualization since I live in the same city so I can see where he is talking about. This book is very well written and explains his autism very well. I love how its all about him and the first-person view.

50 Shades Of Grey

This novel is interesting. It speaks about these two characters who end up entangling in each others' life when a girl has to fill in an interview with Christian grey, for her roommate got sick. Mr. Grey ends up falling for this girl, Ana, during his interview with her. Ana tells us what happens later on after they meet. They go on a date, and Ana's roommate Kate isn't to fond of this Christian Grey. As Ana starts to see who Christian Grey really is she ends up finding things she never expected. Paper work and agreements start coming up and need signing to be in an a relationship with him. Ana isn't sure whether or not to sign her life away to this man who she really wants or her freedom.